• What is GoSmartWomen! Acceleration Program?

    This is a holistic and systematic acceleration program regarding Female Scientists who are attending or attended an academician or a Master’s degree program, and who has a high-tech and innovative application or invention of high added value.

kazim_yalcinogluThe most important problem of our country and the adjacent geographies is that qualified minds cannot meet common interest principles regardless of belief, ideology, race, gender and culture.

As SmartsUnited, the essential reason for our establishment is to meet the ones who believe that the only way to become a big power is cooperation rather than division.

We aim that such a multilayered establishment will become a sound means to create a more sustainable economic and social development model by taking part in the politics of our country and its adjacent countries.

SmartsUnited was created in a way to store long-term information under institutional formations, process the stored data, taking lucrative or non-lucrative actions through the processed data by enabling qualified information to be globally available, and to create synergy and high added value by gathering qualified minds together.

SmartsUnited functions under three core institutional structures and in four different layers. The holistic structure that has the design is called “SmartsUnited”.

I am glad to activate our website on March 8, International Women’s Day and to announce our first Acceleration Program in Turkey for female scientists called “GoSmartWomen!”

On this occasion, I would like to present my thanks to our friends and stakeholders who embraced first being a decent person in the path of mind and science and highly contribute to our whole structure with their knowledge, effort and heart.

So glad I have you.

Kazım Yalçınoğlu

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