General Information

Smart Technology Institute considers the world of technology from regional, multilateral and international perspectives with the dimensions of cultural, sociological, philosophical, legal, socio-cultural, historical, geopolitical, economic and artistic values so that Smart Technology develops intellectual designs and solutions by creating interdisciplinary interactions.

At the level of SmartsUnited, our vision is to contribute to humanity’s vital politics such as security, health, ecology, education, technology and energy and to increase humanity’s wealth, prosperity and satisfaction by introducing the competitive, authentic and unique perspectives of the world of technology to individuals, families, institutions, companies, organizations and to all other communities.

Smart Technology Institute;

  • It is a think-tank organization that is focused on technological, innovative and value-based intellectual designs and analyses and that is the intellectual leader in the world of science and technology about these issues.
  • It is the production and management headquarters of qualified projects, regarding health, food, exponential technologies, IT, defense, energy, environment, economy, education and security, proposed by individuals, institutions and organizations.
  • The stakeholders we cooperate are not only experts and academicians but also natural and legal persons seeking for making a difference in the regional and global context.